4 rescued candles saved me $50

This tool is so simple to use! I have rescued 4 of my large candles in the last 10 minutes. Its easy. Those 4 rescued candles saved me $50 from having to buy new one. What a great invention!
— Kathy

Revive Old Candles with Disappeared Wicks!

I just purchased my new candle rescue about a week ago. I have revived more than a dozen of my old candles that the wicks have disappeared.

I no longer have to use my finger nail or a screw driver to get the wick out. This product has already paid for itself five times over. It is so easy to use and especially easy to clean.

Thank you so much for this amazing product.

Candle Rescue Candle Wick Saver Saves Money

I come from Sweden and because of our long dark winter days, there are always candles lit from morning til night. I used to have to discard several (expensive) candles every week, because the wax would drain the wick. Believe me I had tried all sorts of home made remedies trying to rescue the wick and use my candle until it had burned all the way down, nothing ever worked. When I saw the “Candle Wick Saver” I was desperate to try it and hopefully have a solution to my problem.

I can’t say enough about this little product, so simple to use and it WORKS!!! It is very well made and sturdy, after months of use it’s still “rock solid”. With the holidays coming up and everybody lighting candles, this is going to be a stocking stuffer for everybody I know!

Before Candle Rescue candle wick saver

Before Candle Rescue candle wick saver

After Candle Rescue

After Candle Rescue

The wick- and the candle - rescued!

The wick- and the candle – rescued!