Buy Now: Fix your candle wicks drowning in wax!

Candle Rescue Pricing

  • 1 Candle Rescue – $15 each plus $2.95 shipping
  • 2 Candle Rescue – $25 for both FREE shipping
  • 3 or more Candle Rescue – $10 each and FREE shipping

You can purchase from 1-5 below with volume discounts. Purchase more with the $10 each and free shipping by combining the 3, 4 and 5-at a time options.

Removes the wax around the wick so it’s easy to light time after time.

Do your favorite candles have candle wicks drowning in wax?

Save your favorite candles and continue to enjoy them!
Save money – rescue your candle wicks drowning in wax – and make them beautiful and usable again!

  • Easy to use on many types of candles
  • Quick results
  • Use over and over
  • Economical

Buy several to give – makes a great gift or accessory to a gift of candles!



Buy the Candle Rescue - the save-your-wick candle wick accessory!

Candle Rescue saves those candle wicks drowning in wax!

Buy Candle Rescue candle accessory - save those drowned candle wicks!