About the Candle Rescue Tool

My closet full of candles - no more drowned wicks with the Candle Rescue ToolThis picture of our closet full of candles demonstrates how the “candle rescue tool” came about. These candles needed to be rescued!

I love candles in all sizes and colors, especially tall block candles which are quite expensive. I found that most of them burn nicely 1/3 down but then the wick gets drowned by the wax… making them near impossible to re-light and essentially worthless.

Of course, we have all attempted a ‘rescue’ with knives or leverage tools which work poorly. The Candle Rescue tool is very easy to use and you will be able to enjoy expensive candles much longer.

— Eva, Inventor of Candle Rescue

Rescue your candles from drowned wicks with Candle Rescue!

No more drowned wicks – Buy Now!

Candle Rescue is Patent Pending.